3 Must-Haves for your Stadium POS System

stadium pos system

It’s game day an hour before enthusiastic fans arrive in their favorite sports gear, face-paint and all. The stadium is eerily quiet and still and the concession stands are all set up. Are you ready to take orders from and serve thousands of hungry, hyped-up stadium goers scrambling for nachos, hot dogs, and soda so they can get back to their seat in time for the game?

You better be!

Remember, you’re going to have THOUSANDS of fans wanting food, and if your POS System isn’t working, you will soon have huge lines of angry and impatient sports enthusiasts upset that they are missing the game.

While you can’t control the outcome of the game, you can influence the success of the concession stands. Here are three features your Stadium POS system should have so your lines keep moving and your fans leave happy.

1. Mobile Ordering

Providing your customers with the option to order from their smartphone is an excellent way to not only keep the lines moving, but also make your customers happy. How? Well, five minutes before half time, instead of missing part of the game, people can order and pay for their food from their seat and pick up their food when it’s ready.

2. Fast & Reliable Software

Moving people through the lines at each concession stand is key. Fast & reliable software with automatic updates and real time menu changes makes for smooth operations and happy customers.

3. Real Time Reports

Being able to keep an eye on each terminal at each concession stand is crucial to success. Access sales reports on any device to make sure sales are where they should be. If an issue pops up, you’ll be aware of it right away and will be able to handle it before it gets out of control.

If your stadium POS system doesn’t have these 3 key features, it’s time to upgrade and start making more transactions and more satisfied fans. Our friends at R Entertainment said it best:

“We contracted GoPago as our POS service provider for the Connecticut Open tennis tournament held annually at Yale University. The system was fast, reliable and easy to setup at an outdoor venue. We especially love how we can run up-to-the-minute sales stats from any web browser, even my cell phone. The mobile ordering feature really came in handy, and provided a huge convenience to the guests. The best part was the personal touch of service that they provided. We felt like we were their most important client. We will definitely be partnering with GoPago for our upcoming events!”