5 Reasons Why GoPago is the Easiest Point of Sale System

We’ve all been there; poking at an unresponsive screen, shaking it to see if that magically makes it cooperate, wanting to throw your piece of confusing technology out the window. The frustration can be overwhelming, especially when your business relies on technology working flawlessly.

Imagine rush hour for lunch with a line out the door. You’re trying to ring up customers but you can’t find the right menu items, you lose connection, and the system stops working. Sound like a confusing and stressful nightmare? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

It doesn’t have to be!

The GoPago POS System is so easy a child can use it.

While we’ve never seen a kindergartener ring up a customer with GoPago, we have had customers tell us that their kids can perform basic POS functions on the tablet. We’ve had even more merchants tell us that GoPago is “so much easier” than our competitors. Even the least “tech-savvy” business owners we know have found using our point of sale to be an incredibly intuitive experience. So, what is it that makes GoPago so much easier to use than other POS Systems?

1. Easy Hardware Set-Up

All of the hardware you need comes ready-to-go out of the box with the software already configured on the tablet. Plug in some cords, turn on the tablet, and you’re on your way! It will only take you about 15 minutes, and you don’t need an expert to hold your hand through the process, unlike some of our competitors.

2. Simple Menu Creation

Creating and changing your menu is incredibly easy. Just log in to your merchant portal and add items, images, prices, and modifiers. Because it’s Android-based the updates will automatically be pushed to the tablet. Simply hit a refresh button on the tablet and your new menu pops up.

3. Intuitive Interface

Simple icons and an intuitive flow make placing an order effortless. Even children can figure out how to complete an order and take a payment. Training employees on how to ring-up a customer only takes about 15 minutes.

4. Robust Reporting

Our cloud-based management means you can access your reports from anywhere, on any device. Now we know most of our competitors are cloud based as well, but our reports give you real-time updates and can give you insight into each layer of your business. Have five stores with five terminals at each location? View reports from all five stores collectively, each store individually, or each terminal individually. Need to know which employee was at a specific register? No problem; you can see that too.

5. Flexible Payment Processing

Accepting credit cards can seem daunting. Need help getting started with a payment processor? Already have a processor you like and want to keep? No problem. We can help you no matter your situation. Either way, we make sure you get the best credit card processing rates.

Finally, our 24/7 phone and email support means we’re always available to help. Like our customers say:

“The system was fast, reliable and easy to setup at an outdoor venue. We especially love how we can run up-to-the-minute sales stats from any web browser, even my cell phone. The mobile ordering feature really came in handy, and provided a huge convenience to the guests. The best part was the personal touch of service that they provided. We felt like we were their most important client.”

Get started with your 1-month risk free trial today to see why people prefer GoPago to our competitors and contact us with any questions you may have. We’d love to hear from you!